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Engage Users with Social Media-style Messaging

Boost app user engagement and satisfaction with in-app chat that connects people and builds a community.

  • Instant messaging - one-to-one or group
  • Built-in file sharing - images, videos, audio
  • Reactions - a full range of emojis
  • Edit & delete messages easily
  • Unlimited message retention
  • User presence: online, offline, and custom

Enable Effective Collaboration & Remote Working

Do away with email or third-party chat apps with bespoke messaging integrated with your app.

  • Allow between 2 and 1000’s of users in each channel
  • Role-based access control for channel members
  • Threaded replies for effective collaboration
  • Pin messages in channel for faster retrieval
  • Mark channels read/unread
  • Label channels for grouping, work, and personal

Interact In Real-time with Chat for Live-streams

Sceyt chat API provides the framework for you to build chat boxes to accompany live-streams in your app, so watchers can comment and interact in real-time.

  • Connect users through a shared experience
  • Share all kinds of media and files
  • React with emoticons
  • User mentions
  • Designate moderators and chat admin
  • Versatile role permissions

Boost Business Growth with Live-chat Customer Support

Offer chat-based customer service through your app, providing instant support and low latency. Incorporate automated chat-bots to help you scale your operations more quickly.

  • Respond faster to customer or user queries
  • Use Webhooks to integrate with existing software
  • Position yourself ahead of your competitors
  • Create personalized chatbots to provide user-specific support
  • Keep detailed records and logs of conversations
  • Customize the in-app messaging experience

Highly Engaging In-app Chat Features

App users benefit from a wide-range of messaging features, including.

  • One-to-one and group channels
  • Public and private chat rooms
  • Delivery and read receipts
  • User typing indicator
  • Full-text search of message history
  • APN and FCM push notifications

Versatile Chat Management Tools

Appoint chat administrators and moderators with access to a variety of tools and features:

  • Message and thread monitoring and moderation
  • Report, block, or ban users that break chat rules
  • Obscenity and profanity filtering
  • Message pre-send webhook for custom analysis
  • Intelligent throttling system
  • Analytics tools

Why Choose Sceyt?


Rapid Implementation

Embed smooth chat messaging directly through a powerful API and feature-packed SDKs, much faster than building it yourself.



Simply increase your monthly active user allowance as your app popularity grows with flexible, affordable pricing plans.


Secure Data

Get top-grade security with 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest, with full compliance to HIPAA and GDPR for maximum privacy.


Low Latency

Low-latency messaging protocol and minimal API response time means you get super-fast, reliable in-app chat to keep your users happy.



Around-the-clock availability and reliability (99.999% SLA uptime) delivered by three replicated data centers in each region.


Software Integration

Using built-in REST APIs and Webhooks, Sceyt integrates any software - custom monitoring and AI filtering, for example.

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Time-saving Docs & Sample Code

Sceyt’s Chat APIs and SDKs come with full documentation that is updated and upgraded regularly. You also get quick-start guides and tutorials and demo applications to make life easier for your developers.

Innovative Chat Experiences


Build A Community

Create discussions, threads, and general chit-chat to grow an engaged and responsive community of users around your app.


Interactive In-app Purchases

Make in-app booking, scheduling, and shopping a more enjoyable experience by integrating chat features, giving customers a personal touch.


One-to-many Messaging

Get messages out to as many users as you want, simultaneously. Increase app engagement and boost sales with carefully targeted messages.


Bespoke Service

Provide first-class, unparalleled customer service and support with seamless switching between chat rooms and threads.

Looking to connect your app users with fast, reliable, and secure messaging?

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