Launch full-featured in-app chat in hours

Rapidly integrate lightning-fast messaging into any iOS, Android, and Web app.


Get chat features in hours, not months

Why wait weeks or months for developers to build chat features, when you can get it within hours?

Sceyt Chat API is quick to integrate, helping you deliver an enjoyable community experience and user support, without the wait.

Benefit from the most competitive pricing on the market. You get the full range of chat features installed, no matter which subscription plan you choose.



Innovative chat features for higher engagement, enhanced UX, and improved customer service.



Top-tier chat that runs smoothly, with triplicated data-centers for durability and high-availability.



End-user data is safe and sound with 256-bit encryption, both in transit and at rest.



Increase chat capabilities as your business grows by increasing monthly active user allowance.


Perfectly integrated in-app messaging

If you’re looking for a Chat API that seamlessly integrates into your app and engages users, Sceyt delivers in a highly reliable and completely secure platform.

The high-performing cross-platform SDKs and API are feature-packed, with everything from text messaging and file sharing to push notifications and multi-device support.

Rest APIs and Webhooks make it possible to integrate your chat feature with other third-party software such as custom monitoring and AI filtering tools.

Discover More Features

Fastest possible messaging

Sceyt’s innovative low-data, low-latency messaging protocol means you get lightning-fast message transfers. Also, you get fast messaging wherever you are - even in places with slow internet connections.

The message is compressed into the smallest size possible and the data fires across the internet rapidly. Less data - faster delivery, which creates a first-class user experience.


Provide 24/7 support with personalised chatbots

All the features you need to build a customised chatbot to offer customer service and support around the clock.

With a ready-made chat framework and innovative, event-driven webhooks, you get a web chatbot that can be expanded to meet your needs.

Taking data security and reliability seriously

User data is safe and secure with 256-bit encryption across the board and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR. Regular high-level security analysis and penetration tests help to protect data, giving you and your users peace of mind.

Easily deploy your application in a variety of regions across the world that are supported by Sceyt. In each region, data is replicated across three separate data centers, ensuring durability and reliability of data.


Wide-range of applications

Ideal for any business that wants full-featured chat and messaging in an existing or soon-to-be-launched app.

  • E-learning apps to connect students with their teacher
  • Social media apps and community platforms to connect users with each other
  • Live gaming apps to connect players in real-time
  • Any app that needs chat-based customer service or a chatbot.

Looking to connect your app users with fast, reliable, and secure messaging?

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const sceyt = new SceytClient('{apiUrl}', '{appId}', '{clientId}')
await sceyt.connect('{jwt-token}')
const config = {
  subject: 'Marketing Team',
  members: [
    {id: 'john', role: 'participant'},
    {id: 'carole', role: 'admin'},   
const channel = await sceyt.chatClient.PrivateChannel.create(config)
const messageBuilder = channel.createMessageBuilder()
const messageToSend = messageBuilder
 .setText('Hi, team!')
await channel.sendMessage(messageToSend)

Made by developers, for developers

Sceyt’s Chat API makes it really simple to power in-app messaging that has tons of useful features.

With developer-friendly SDKs and platform API, all you need to do is plug it in - minimal coding involved, as the heavy lifting has been done for you.