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Sceyt vs PubNub

Sceyt vs PubNub – Is Sceyt the PubNub Alternative You've Been Looking For?

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As the digital world continues to evolve, in-app chat services have emerged as vital components for enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. They provide an avenue for real-time communication, making digital platforms more interactive, collaborative, and user-friendly.

Two leading Chat API providers are Sceyt and PubNub, each offering unique features and capabilities to cater to diverse user needs.

The main criteria that most app owners or developers are looking to meet include:

  • Reliable chat infrastructure
  • Feature-packed SDKs
  • Chat UI Kits for faster integration
  • Good scalability
  • Cost efficient

In this comparison article we’ll compare all the main features of the two chat APIs so you'll be better equipped to decide which one - Sceyt or PubNub - aligns more closely with your specific needs and objectives.

Introduction to PubNub

PubNub is a well-known real-time communication platform that provides a robust in-app messaging platform and SDKs. PubNub offers a diverse range of messaging features, empowering businesses to embed real-time communication into their applications and generate enhanced user interaction.

At the heart of PubNub's offerings is its Pub/Sub Messaging feature, which supports instantaneous data exchange across any device, globally. This allows for various types of chat interactions, from private one-on-one conversations to group discussions and expansive chatroom dialogues. PubNub supports text messages as well as multimedia content like images and files, for wider communication.

Additionally, PubNub brings several other key features to the table which we will explore in the next section and see how they stack up against Sceyt’s chat API offering.

Feature Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

In this section, we’ll conduct a comprehensive examination of the features provided by two leading customizable chat API solutions: PubNub and a strong PubNub alternative - Sceyt.

We’ll explore, compare, and assess the performance of each platform in various areas of in-app chat. By the end of the feature comparison, you’ll understand which in-app chat API solution best meets your specific requirements.

Pricing Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Pricing & Concurrent UsersSceytPubNub
1K Monthly Active UsersNot AvailableStarter $49
1,5K Monthly Active UsersStarter $59Not Available
5K Monthly Active UsersGrowth $179Not Available
10K Monthly Active UsersGrowth $179 + $200Not Available
25K Monthly Active UsersStandard $799Not Available
Concurrently Connected Users100%100%

When it comes to deciding between Sceyt and PubNub as your chat API solution, cost and user capacity are key considerations. Here, we will compare the pricing plans of Sceyt and PubNub based on monthly active users (MAU) and the proportion of concurrently connected users.

PubNub's pricing model is centered around usage, with their Starter plan offering 1000 MAUs and up to 3000 transactions per MAU - equating to a total of 3 million transactions. Any usage exceeding these limits incurs additional charges: $0.05 per extra user and $30 per additional 1 million transactions. As an example, supporting 10K MAUs on PubNub would entail costs as follows:

  • 1000 MAU included in the Starter Plan for $49.
  • An extra 9000 MAUs at $0.05 each, totaling $450.
  • If each user makes 3000 transactions, this totals 27 million transactions (9000 MAUs * 3000 transactions). The cost
  • for these extra transactions would be 27*30$= $810.
  • Thus, the grand total would be $49 (Starter Plan) + $450 (extra MAUs) + $810 (extra transactions) = $1309. Meanwhile, the equivalent user base on Sceyt's Growth plan, plus charges for an additional 5K MAUs, would amount to $379.

It's crucial to note that transactions on PubNub include activities such as sending a message, adding a reaction, setting user presence, among others.

Regardless of MAU count, both Sceyt and PubNub support 100% concurrently connected users, meaning all active users can be online and engaged in chat simultaneously without incurring extra fees.

In summary, while PubNub might be a cost-efficient solution for small-scale applications, Sceyt's straightforward pricing structure and scalability present a compelling option for businesses aiming to grow. Consider not only immediate costs but also the evolution of pricing structures as your user base broadens.

Support Plan Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Support is included in pricing packages.
No extra charges apply.
3 hours support response
8/5 support
24/5 support
+ Real-time operational dashboards
2 hours support response
8/5 support
24/7 support
+ Slack channel
Teams support
Phone support
1 hour support response
8/5 support
30 min support response
Customer success manager
24/7 support

Both platforms offer a range of support plans to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. However, Sceyt stands out for its inclusive support across all pricing packages, offering tiered response times based on the chosen plan, and even round-the-clock assistance for Enterprise users.

On the other hand, PubNub provides varying levels of support based on different pricing levels, with complimentary email support for standard users and more comprehensive support options available at higher price points.

In summary, both Sceyt and PubNub offer a range of support options to meet customer needs. However, Sceyt's inclusivity across all pricing plans and the guaranteed response times provide added value for businesses seeking reliable, timely support.

Deployment Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Multi-region supportticktick
Dedicated infrastructureticktick
Regional proxyticktick
On-premises (full data control)tickcancel
Multi-tenant (multiple isolated applications)ticktick

In terms of chat API deployment, both Sceyt and PubNub offer robust capabilities, including multi-region support and regional proxy functionality. This ensures a resilient, low-latency communication experience for users across various geographical locations. Additionally, both platforms provide excellent support for multi-tenant environments, allowing for the seamless operation of multiple isolated applications within a single platform.

Where Sceyt pulls ahead is in its provision of dedicated infrastructure and on-premises deployment. The dedicated infrastructure allows for enhanced performance, reliability, and customization. Furthermore, Sceyt's on-premises deployment offers full data control - a crucial factor for businesses adhering to stringent data security and privacy regulations.

In contrast, PubNub does not currently offer dedicated infrastructure or on-premises deployment options. This may limit flexibility for some businesses, particularly those with specific data handling requirements or who want more control over their infrastructure.

In summary, while both Sceyt and PubNub provide commendable deployment capabilities, Sceyt's added offerings of dedicated infrastructure and on-premises deployment give it an edge, particularly for businesses seeking greater control over their data and infrastructure.

Security and Compliance Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Security and ComplianceSceytPubNub
TLS(SSL) encryption in transitticktick
AES encryption at restticktick

In the world of digital communications, security and compliance are paramount. Sceyt and PubNub both excel in this domain, providing robust security measures and ensuring compliance with key industry standards.

Both Sceyt and PubNub adhere to SOC2 and ISO27001 certifications, underlining their commitment to managing customer data securely. They also comply with GDPR and HIPAA regulations, crucial for businesses operating within the EU and the healthcare sector, respectively.

When it comes to data protection, both services leverage TLS (SSL) encryption for data in transit and AES encryption for data at rest. This ensures that your users' chat data remains confidential, whether it's moving across the network or stored within the system.

While both Sceyt and PubNub demonstrate strong security and compliance profiles, it's essential to match these capabilities to your specific business and user requirements. Still, it's safe to say that both chat API solutions have taken substantial steps to safeguard user data, striving to provide a secure environment for in-app communications.

Connectivity Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Connection and Data formatSceytPubNub
Data formatProtobuf(Binary)JSON(Text)

Real-time communication is critical for chat applications, and it's predominantly facilitated through WebSockets, a protocol that enables two-way communication between a client and a server. Both Sceyt and PubNub fully support WebSockets, ensuring real-time, seamless exchange of messages between users.

When it comes to data format, Sceyt uses Protobuf (binary), a compact and efficient option that reduces network latency and promotes faster data exchange. On the other hand, PubNub utilizes JSON (text), which is human-readable and widely accepted, but may not be as efficient as Protobuf in terms of data size and processing speed.

Overall, both Sceyt and PubNub demonstrate strong connectivity profiles with full WebSocket support. However, Sceyt's use of Protobuf could potentially provide an edge in terms of performance, particularly for data-heavy applications or those operating in environments with limited network resources. Therefore, when choosing between the two, consider your app's specific requirements and the overall impact on performance.

Platform Management Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Role-based dashboard accessticktick
Moderation dashboardticktick

Platform management, which includes user-friendly dashboards, role-based access, statistics, and moderation features, is crucial for chat applications. Both Sceyt and PubNub offer these essential features, making for an efficient and secure management experience.

Dashboards on both platforms facilitate easy monitoring of chat activities, with role-based access enhancing platform security. They both provide robust statistical insights into chat activity and user behavior, aiding informed decision-making.

Both Sceyt and PubNub also feature moderation dashboards for managing user interactions and maintaining community standards.

In summary, Sceyt and PubNub provide comprehensive platform management tools, promoting usability and insight. When choosing between them, consider your specific needs and how their offerings align with your application's demands.

Integration Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Mobile and Web SDKsticktick
REST APIticktick
Programmable functionsticktick
Chat Bots interfaceOver WebhooksOver Webhooks
Third Party integrationsticktick
UI Kit design for mobile & Webticktick
UI Kit with customizable componentstickOnly React and React Native
Multi-language UI Kitticktick

Both Sceyt and PubNub feature an array of integrative tools, including mobile and web SDKs, REST APIs, and webhooks for real-time event updates, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free integration of their chat services into any application.

Chatbot interfaces are also facilitated by both platforms, which automate user interactions and provide instantaneous assistance. They both accommodate third-party integrations as well, enabling your chat solution to synchronize with other tools and systems utilized by your business.

A unique feature of PubNub is the support for programmable functions, enabling developers to write custom business logic into their applications.

With respect to UI design, Sceyt and PubNub both provide UI Kits for mobile and web applications. PubNub, however, offers customization of components solely in React and React Native. While the React UI kit can be utilized in web applications, and the React Native UI Kit, being a hybrid technology, is applicable for both iOS and Android, it may pose limitations in mobile adaptability.

On the other hand, Sceyt's UI kits are designed in native code for iOS and Android respectively in Swift and Kotlin, which significantly enhances performance and user experience. Moreover, Sceyt offers multi-language UI Kits, a feature not available in PubNub, potentially extending its reach to a global user base.

Overall, the choice between the two may hinge on specific integration requirements: for instance, Sceyt's provision for customizable mobile UI components and multi-language support, or PubNub's unique feature of programmable functions.

Scalability Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

Support for millions of users in one applicationticktick
Support for millions of users in a single channelticktick
All channel members receive push notificationstickNot Specified
Message retention periodUnlimitedUnlimited(Extra pay)

Scalability is a key aspect to consider when choosing a chat service. Both Sceyt and PubNub are built to support millions of users in a single application and in individual channels, ensuring robust and scalable user management.

Sceyt further enhances its scalability with the feature of delivering push notifications to all channel members, enhancing the user experience by keeping everyone in the loop. The specification of this feature is not clear for PubNub, creating a potential uncertainty.

With respect to message retention, both Sceyt and PubNub offer unlimited storage. However, PubNub includes an additional cost for this service, which could be a consideration for businesses managing a high volume of messages.

Overall, while both Sceyt and PubNub offer good scalability, for businesses seeking inclusive features and cost efficiency, Sceyt might be the preferable choice.

General Chat Features Comparison Between Sceyt and PubNub

General Chat FeaturesSceytPubNub
One-to-one chatticktick
Group chatticktick
Channel messagingticktick
Chat folderstickcancel
Media and file sharingticktick
On-device thumbnail generatortickcancel
User mentionsticktick
Unread message countticktick
Unread mentions counttickcancel
Delivery and read receiptsticktick
Custom receiptstickcancel
Message reactionsticktick
User presenceticktick
Typing indicatorsticktick
Rich link previewticktick
Message threadingtickNo built-in solution
Offline message storageticktick
Built-in message forwardingtickcancel
Message translationOver Third PartyOver Third Party
Delete message for all and self usertickcancel
Metadata on users, channels, messagesticktick
Push notificationsticktick
Mute notificationsticktick
User privacy settingstickcancel
User-to-user blockingticktick
Custom channel eventsticktick
Custom member rolesticktick
Contact managementtickcancel
Message searchticktick
Channel searchticktick
User searchticktick
Message reportingticktick
Message AI moderationOver Third PartyOver Third Party

When comparing the general chat features of Sceyt and PubNub, both platforms provide a wide range of essential chat features including one-to-one chat, group chat, channel messaging, media and file sharing, user mentions, delivery and read receipts, message reactions, user presence, and typing indicators, among others.

Sceyt, however, offers some additional features that PubNub does not, such as chat folders, on-device thumbnail generator, unread mentions count, rich link preview, built-in message forwarding, user privacy settings, and contact management. These features add value by enhancing user experience and offering more control and flexibility in managing chats.

While both Sceyt and PubNub require third-party integration for message translation and AI moderation, only Sceyt supports the 'delete message for all and self user' feature, providing an extra layer of control over chat history.

In terms of search capabilities, Sceyt outshines PubNub with its message search feature, enabling users to easily find specific content within chats.

Overall, while both Sceyt and PubNub offer robust chat features, Sceyt stands out with its additional features, providing a more comprehensive and versatile chat API solution. However, the choice between the two may depend on your specific needs and which features are most important to your use case.

Key Differences Between Sceyt and PubNub Explained

Chat Features

While both Sceyt and PubNub provide a range of in-app chat features, there are several areas where Sceyt stands out.

  • Chat Folders: Unique to Sceyt, the platform offers chat folders, which enable users to organize their conversations into different folders and sub-folders, streamlining navigation and management of various chat threads.
  • On-device Thumbnail Generator: Sceyt includes an on-device thumbnail generator. This tool generates previews for shared multimedia files, enhancing navigation through shared content and saving user data by preventing the need for full file downloads. PubNub does not currently offer this feature.
  • Unread Mentions Count: Sceyt allows users to see a count of unread mentions in a conversation, helping users to stay on top of important chat activity. This is not currently a feature of PubNub.
  • Built-in Message Forwarding: With Sceyt, users can seamlessly forward messages across channels and contacts. Built-in message forwarding is not present in PubNub.
  • Built-in Message Reply: With Sceyt, users can seamlessly reply to messages in threads and as quotes. Built-in message replies are not supported by PubNub.
  • User Privacy Settings: Sceyt offers users the option to set privacy settings, a feature that is not supported by PubNub. This includes the ability to control visibility of profile pictures and the display of message read status, online status, and last active status.
  • Message Deletion: Sceyt allows users to delete messages both for themselves and for all other members in a channel, providing additional privacy control and protection of sensitive information. PubNub, on the other hand, does not currently offer this feature.
  • Contact Management: Sceyt allows users to create a contact list of frequent connections, which simplifies communication with specific groups or individuals. This feature is absent in PubNub, which requires more manual work to organize contacts.
  • Message Search: Sceyt provides the ability to search messages, making it easier for users to find specific information within a chat. This feature is not currently supported by PubNub.

Unlimited Push Notifications with Sceyt

While both Sceyt and PubNub support push notifications, Sceyt stands out by delivering them to all channel members without any restrictions. It is unclear if PubNub offers the same level of service, as their policy on push notifications is not specified.

Faster Response Time with Sceyt’s Binary Data Transfer

Both Sceyt and PubNub support real-time messaging. However, Sceyt uses Protobuf (binary) data format, which is more compact and efficient than PubNub's JSON (text) format. This efficiency reduces network latency, potentially giving Sceyt an edge in terms of overall performance.

Superior Scalability and Pricing Transparency with Sceyt

Sceyt offers more flexible pricing options for a wide range of Monthly Active Users (MAU), and allows 100% of users to be concurrently connected. While PubNub's Starter package might be more cost-effective for applications with up to 1,500 MAUs, the pricing for larger user bases is not clear. This lack of transparency could pose a challenge for businesses looking to scale their applications.

Sceyt’s Added Deployment Flexibility

Sceyt and PubNub both offer a robust set of deployment capabilities, including multi-region support, regional proxy functionality, and multi-tenant environments. However, Sceyt provides additional flexibility by offering dedicated infrastructure and on-premises deployment options, which are not currently available with PubNub. This additional control over data and infrastructure may be particularly beneficial for businesses with stringent data security and privacy regulations.

More Comprehensive UI Customization with Sceyt

While both Sceyt and PubNub offer UI Kits with customizable components for mobile and web, Sceyt takes customization a step further. Not only does it support multi-language UI Kits, but it also caters to a wider array of platforms. This is a substantial advantage for businesses aiming to engage a global audience or those employing diverse technology stacks.

Additionally, it should be noted that PubNub's mobile UI kit is developed using React Native—a hybrid technology that may not match the performance and user experience of Sceyt's native UI kits for iOS and Android. Consequently, for businesses prioritizing optimal performance and superior user experience, Sceyt's native UI kits present a more compelling choice.

  • Multi-language UI Kits: Sceyt provides pre-built UI Kits that are available in multiple languages. This feature is especially useful for businesses targeting an international audience, as it allows them to deliver a tailored user experience across different markets.
  • Wider Range of Supported Platforms: Sceyt offers UI Kits for a wider range of platforms than PubNub. Sceyt’s supported platforms include Android, iOS, and Web, offering developers more flexibility and making it easier to deliver a consistent user experience across platforms.
  • Easier Customization: The customization process with Sceyt is typically more straightforward and requires less code, making it more efficient for developers.


In terms of chat API solutions, both Sceyt and PubNub are highly reliable and versatile choices. Each offers a range of features designed to meet varying needs and applications. However, after a thorough comparison of these two platforms, Sceyt edges in front in a number of critical areas.

Sceyt’s transparent, flexible pricing, enhanced support for a larger number of concurrent users, and remarkable data transfer performance in WebSocket and Protobuf technologies help it to stand out.

Sceyt also goes the extra mile by offering multi-language, native, and high performance UI Kits, superior privacy controls, and support for a wider array of chat functionalities. The attention to enhancing user experience with tools like chat folders, on-device thumbnail generation, and built-in message forwarding further separates it from PubNub as the chat API of choice.

In summary, the advantages of Sceyt, spanning from technical performance to user experience, make it the ideal chat API solution for businesses that place a premium on customization, scalability, and a globally inclusive approach.