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Fast, Easy-to-integrate Chat API for Android, SDK and UI Kit

Bring your app to life with a one-stop solution for seamless in-app Android chat.

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Feature-Packed Android In-app Chat, SDK, and UI Kit

In app chat
  • Rapid integrationchevron-down

    Implement chat features in minutes with our developer-friendly SDK and UI Kit.
  • Performance-drivenchevron-down

    Keep your app fast with our lightweight, high-performance native SDK.
  • Scalable solutionschevron-down

    Sceyt adapts as your app grows, easily managing increased traffic.
  • Secure and privatechevron-down

    Protect user data and ensure privacy with built-in security features.
  • Real-time messagingchevron-down

    Engage users with instant chat capabilities.
  • Big channel supportchevron-down

    Easily accommodate millions of users in a single channel.
  • Advanced chat featureschevron-down

    Impress users with read receipts, typing indicators, message reactions, and more.
  • Reliable supportchevron-down

    Our expert team has got your back, every step of the way.

Customize Sceyt to Bring Your Android Chat to Life


Customizable UI Kit

Choose from prebuilt components to personalize your in-app chat seamlessly.

save time

Save time and effort

Avoid starting from scratch; extend and personalize with our flexible UI Kit.

consistent branding

Consistent branding

Match your app design to keep everything on-brand and consistent.

custom chat features

Custom chat features

Integrate unique UX features that stand out and make a good impression.

Sceyt Chat SDK & UI Kit for Android – Your Key to a Powerful Chat Experience

Sceyt Chat SDK provides a solid foundation for integrating our chat API into your Android app, giving you the freedom to create a customized and responsive in-app chat experience. Get started by downloading our SDK and unlock a whole new world of messaging possibilities.

How It Works

The Sceyt Chat SDK connects effortlessly with our chat API, providing powerful messaging features without the need for custom development. It handles everything from user authentication, real-time messaging, and advanced chat functionalities.

Our UI Kit, built on the Sceyt Chat SDK, provides pre-made UI components like chat lists, message lists, and attachment previews for easier chat integration.


See Sceyt in Action

Get a taste of our Android chat SDK and UI Kit with our interactive demo app. Discover how Sceyt can revolutionize your app and bring it to life with high-quality chat features. Start exploring the potential of our Android chat API today!

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Questions About Sceyt Android Chat API? We’ve Got Answers.

  • How can I integrate Sceyt Chat API into my Android app?

    Integrate chat functionality easily with Sceyt's powerful SDK and modern UI Kit. Our developer-friendly tools make it simple to add a fully-featured and customizable chat experience to your Android app.
  • What is the best in-app chat SDK for Android developers?

    Sceyt offers one of the best in-app chat SDKs for Android developers, with a range of features, including rapid integration, high performance, scalability, and customization options. Our SDK provides a seamless chat experience while maintaining app speed and security.
  • How can I customize the chat UI for my Android app?

    Sceyt offers a UI Kit with a variety of prebuilt components which are easily customizable to match your app's design and branding. Our SDK also provides flexibility in adapting chat features and functionality to create a unique user experience.
  • What are the key features of Sceyt's Android chat SDK?

    Sceyt's Android chat SDK includes a wide range of features, such as real-time messaging, advanced chat features (read receipts, typing indicators, message reactions), rich media support, built-in security, and reliable support from our dedicated team.
  • How do I get started with Sceyt's Android chat SDK and UI kits?

    Begin by signing up for a free trial of Sceyt. Install our SDK and explore our modern UI Kit to customize your in-app chat experience. Our dedicated dev team will be available to assist you throughout the integration process.

Ready to Upgrade Your Android App's Chat Experience?

Enjoy the benefits of fast integration, high-performance solutions, and customizable features that enhance your in-app chat experience.

Take the first step today, and contact our dedicated dev team for support throughout the integration process.